// T U E S & T H U R S //

Our Summer schedules are in full swing.  I have started summer lessons and Alex is back in class. This summer is going to be a doozy for him.  He has class every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-9:00. He still goes in to work before that so that means he is gone from about 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. That also means that I play single mom on those days.  We don't like Tuesdays and Thursdays around here.  For Alex it's stressful and tiring. For me it's isolating and time drags by. Especially in the evenings as bed time approaches and I miss my parenting teammate.  The world around begins to quiet down but I am restless until I get the text, "I'm leaving class now!" Then I can relax. Needless to say it's hard for both of us. I admire Alex so much for his hard work, and I know it will all be worth it. 

Thankfully, Johnny has been really good lately. The one-year-mark has brought a very happy little guy. So what are already hard long days could be a lot harder and a lot longer, but haven't been!  The only really bad thing Johnny did today was dunk his hand in my coffee mug and then grab my white shirt. I was really setting myself up for failure there by holding him and my coffee mug with the same arm. And I should know by now that I just can't wear white shirts anymore. 

I made a little smash cake for Johnny's birthday party, put in the the freezer, then forgot about it. Johnny just had a slice from the big cake at his party. So today I pulled it out of the freezer, frosted it, and Alex and I had it along with a little white wine to celebrate the end of another long day. 

Fulfilling a dream today: letting Johnny run around in nothing but a t-shirt and diaper.  When he had  his colostomy we had to keep him in a onesie or he would rip his bag right off his belly.  It was the middle of winter when his colostomy was taken down so he stayed pretty bundled.  Now it's summer and we are embracing the diaper and t-shirt look!

I can't resist his little butt cheeks and I couldn't resist sharing these.  I'm sorry Johnny of the future, I know you'll hate me for this!