Songs for Chilly Days // A Playlist

I think this has been an exceptional year for fall foliage. When I look out my kitchen window I see several tall trees towering over the houses on the block behind us. Over the last couple of weeks I have the great pleasure of watching them go from green, to yellow, to orange. It makes washing dishes and prepping dinners a lot happier than those tasks might otherwise be. Any reminder that the world is a beautiful place is a good thing.

The trees that line our street couldn't be any prettier than if someone had painted them. They really do look like someone planted them with their fall colors in mind. A red tree, next to a yellow tree, then orange and green, and the pattern repeats itself for blocks. It's been a beautiful autumn and we have been out in it as much as possible.

But not today. Today I can see the snow out my window, not just falling down, but blowing sideways, and I can hear the gusts shake the house and rattle the windows. The tea kettle is on the stove, and I'm feeling more than content to stay inside. Today is a day for hot tea, wool socks, and cozy blankets. And, of course, songs to fit the mood.

I hope you enjoy this cozy playlist, and I hope you are staying snug and warm.

End of Summer Playlist

The transition from summer to fall is, I think, my very favorite time of year. I'm not really ready for cold weather yet. I'm going to savor every minute of warm sunshine that we have left and be outside as much as possible. But, I'm also kind of loving how cold it gets overnight, and how cool it is in the mornings. That little nip in the air makes my coffee taste better, and it makes me feel more productive, like it's time to get stuff done. Which is good, because we are back to school now and need to adhere to more of a schedule.  

Here is a playlist I made a few weeks ago. It's got some songs I've loved for a while and some songs that I've only recently discovered. They all make me feel a little bittersweet and nostalgic which is why I think they're appropriate for this time of year. I hope you can enjoy them while driving kids around, or baking pies, or sitting outside and drinking in these last beautiful days of summer. Cheers!