//embrace the ordinary vol. 3: christmas dreams and christmas realities//


"There's so much I have to get done before Christmas!"

I've said it. And you probably have too.  I really do not like that the weeks, especially the days, leading up to Christmas are so busy. But I get stuck in the muck every year. I want to get ALL THE THINGS done before Christmas. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to do all the baking/gift wrapping/decorating/party planning, but why? Is it going to help me more fully celebrate the season? Or is it just that my own ego wants to have the pinterest-perfect Christmas I see splattered all over every social media platform? Breaking my back to have the "perfect Christmas" isn't worth it if it means I turn into a Grinch making myself and my family miserable. So these last couple of days before Christmas I'm just going to let the to-do list slide. If it happens, great! If not, Christmas will still happen. 

Here's all the things I wanted to do, and what will actually get done. 

Christmas Baking.  The goal was to have enough home made goods to bring a giant cookie platter to each family gathering and a few smaller ones to some friends' homes. So far I have made a couple batches of some no-bake type cookies, (my mama-self loves those!!) and I'm in the process of making rolled sugar cookies.  It's been going on for over a week.  Last week I made the dough and it sat in fridge for 5 days. On Saturday I rolled them out and baked them. And now they are waiting to be decorated. This is the part I used to love and now can't stand. Would someone like to come decorate my cookies for me? There are two other cookies I wanted to make. Maybe for New Years?

Christmas Shopping. I *think* I'm done! But that only happened  a few days ago.  I really admire people who get their Christmas shopping done before advent even starts. I'm going to try to do that next year. 

Gift Wrapping. I love to have presents wrapped and under the tree early, like a couple weeks before Christmas. It looks pretty and I love the anticipation. As of two hours ago I hadn't done any wrapping.  Then Johnny and I did a few before he went down for a nap and I'm hoping between Alex and me we can get it all done tonight. 

The first Christmas Alex and I were married I saved ALL the gift wrapping until Christmas Eve.  We both worked until 3 then had to get home, get showered, and wrap gifts for not just each other but all of our family and get to church by 4:30.  There were words and tears and it was the worst. I vowed on that day that I would never again procrastinate on gift wrapping. And I haven't. But I'm cutting it a little close this year.

Christmas Cards. I started off so on top of cards this year.  I had them ordered and stamps purchased by the end of November. The cards arrived, and then they sat in their box for three weeks. Alex and I started to address them a couple nights ago. I took one batch to the PO this morning. If we finish the gift wrapping tonight we may get to the cards.  Or you may be getting your card from us in the new year.

Handmade Gifts. Because I'm crazy and love bringing stress into my life I decided it would be a good idea to make a gift for every member of my family. Once I got the idea in my head I was obsessed with it and couldn't get it out. I have 3 gifts done. And two days to make four more.

So much yarn, so little time. 

Advent Reflecting. I try to read a book or do some extra reflective thing each advent to try to combat the exact kind of planning-and-doing frenzy that I have worked myself into this year. My goal was to do the scripture readings and spend some time writing in my Blessed Is She journal every day during Advent, and oh, there are so many empty pages in that journal. 

This is where I feel my deficiencies and frustrations the most. Advent is such a holy time of year with all its waiting and mystery and darkness, and I squander it on the flashy, the transitory, and the materialistic.  I don't mean to poo-poo our Christmas traditions, they are fun and if done right can be a means for spreading so much love. But this year they were kind of becoming an end in and of themselves.  

Thankfully the Lord extends His mercy at all times to all people. I still have time to contemplate the Incarnation. Christmas will still come with all it's joy and glory regardless of how many cookies I baked or cards I sent out. Jesus will still come into my heart again, and so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy that fact. 

Have a Merry Christmas! 

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//embrace the ordinary vol 2: snow//


For some people snow might not be that ordinary. But for us Minnesotans it is incredibly ordinary. We have snow for at least six months out of the year. We're constantly scraping it off our cars and stomping it from our boots and clearing it from our sidewalks. It limits time spent outdoors, gets our socks wet, and makes traffic miserable. I do not like the snow. 

We got our first snow fall this year on November 9th, which maybe is a little early for a first snow of the year. It was a big one. And unlike other first snows, which usually disappear once the sun comes out, it looks like this is it. Snow until April.  

But this year I've decided to embrace the snow and enjoy everything that comes with it. I'm going to enjoy how beautiful it makes everything look, and the way it sparkles in the sunlight or the street lamps. I'm going to enjoy Johnny's reaction to the snow, and how cute he looks bundled up in all his winter gear.  I'm going to embrace having an excuse to just stay home all day with a big sweater and two pairs of socks on. And I'm going to make hot chocolate and do lots of knitting. Somehow the snow doesn't seem so bad anymore. 


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