A Tale of Teething and the Best Baby Carriers. And A Giveaway!

You love hearing about baby teething woes, right? Good! Because I love talking about those woes.

Trixie used to be such an easy baby. She took great naps, she slept on her own (through the night, I might add) and she let anyone hold her and put her down for her naps. You could plop her down in the middle of some toys and she would be happy for an hour, leaving me ample time to get all the things done. And then she started teething.

She was a pretty late teether, so we had about 10 months of happy Trixie. But since she got her first tooth in September they have been coming in rapid succession (13 teeth in 4 months) and they have been making her pretty miserable. Obviously this has some major disadvantages during the night, like we are very sleep deprived, crabby, etc. But there are also many day time challenges, like my once happy baby is now clingy and needs to be held all the time. That means something as easy as doing a load of laundry becomes almost impossible, unloading the dishwasher takes forever, and trying to make dinner?  Please don't make me! As much as I'd like an excuse to ignore the laundry and order takeout for dinner, the solution that's better for everyone in my family is to wear that crabby baby. It's the only way to get things done. I know there's probably a thousand beautiful attachment parenting reasons wht you should wear your baby, and they're all great. But in this household, it's just a necessity.  

If you're going to be baby-wearing, it's important to get the scoop on  the best baby carriers out there. I have used a variety of baby carriers over the years, and different carriers have worked better during different baby phases. Here are the ones that I have loved. 

Moby Wrap: This was the first carrier I ever used. Johnny took his first walk in it when he was just two weeks old. He was a baby who always wanted to be held so baby-wearing was something I picked up pretty early on. The Moby Wrap was great for a newborn because it was snug and gave lots of support for baby's head, leaving me totally hands free. The fabric is very stretchy, and as Johnny got heavier we graduated to carriers with less stretch to help support all his baby chub. 

Ring Slings: If you been following me on instagram over the years you know that I love my Sakurabloom ring sling. This was probably the hardest baby carrier to learn how to use. I had to watch many tutorial videos and get help from other baby-wearing friends. But practice makes perfect and that adage is as true for baby-wearing as it is for anything else. It took me and my babies a little while to get used to the ring sling, but now we're all big fans. One of my favorite things about my ring slings is their compactness. They're very easy to roll up into a little ball, so that's what usually comes along on the diaper bag. 

Ergo 360: My structured carrier is the one I have been using the most lately. It's very supportive and can hold a lot of weight. And Trixie is a hefty baby. Have you seen her baby thighs? It's also very easy to wear her on my back with an Ergo, which, when I'm trying to get stuff done, is the best place for her to go. Johnny finds it very amusing when I put Trixie in my "backpack." So not only am I getting stuff done while comforting my baby, I'm also providing entertainment for my three-year-old. Win, win, win.

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Disclosure: this post is sponsored in partnership with Nakturnal. I am being compensated for my time and so are you if you win the $50 gift card! 

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